If you wish to experience the luxury stay, we do offer you the luxury hotel/Resorts stay during your Tour in Kingdom with the additional Charges for the room night. The travels across the Kingdom and the overall program is subject to travel conditions, and can be amended to cater to particular interests and desired experiences along the way. we can also offer the tailored itineraries, Himalayan trekking, Immersive journeys and Luxury Hotel/resorts stay. The tour can be design for travelers who want to be pampered and spend quality time with whomever one is traveling with. The accommodations can be arranged all in the Luxury hotels. The hotels are located in beautiful settings with breathtaking views.

Amankora Bhutan

Explore the Kingdom of Bhutan with Aman’s 5 luxury lodges across 5 valleys. Isolated Natural Settings. Himalayan trekking. Immersive journeys. Tailored itineraries. Remote Destinations.

Uma Resort

COMO Hotels and Resorts has personalised service in elegant properties, each individually curated to reflect its location. Uma is an intimate resort featuring the most exclusive private villas in Bhutan.

Taj Tashi Hotel

Discover a land of mythology and magic at Taj Tashi, nestled in the folds of the magnificent Thimphu Valley. An enchanting fusion of Bhutan’s Dzong architecture and modern design.

Zhiwa Ling Hotel

Nestled in the hills outside Paro, Zhiwa Ling is an architectural gem that unites Bhutanese culture and heritage with 21st-century comforts. This is the first five-star Bhutanese-owned hotel in Bhutan.

Le Meridien

Choose Le Méridien for an unforgettable experience. Be inspired and energised by the global flavours and creative presentations of our carefully curated fare at Latest Recipe.

Six Senses

We are committed to sustainability with a deep obligation to care for our environment, natural resources and communities, plus preserving and protecting the world’s only carbon-negative country.

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